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After watching Ted Talk “Hackshooling Makes Me Happy”, I’ve realized even more than before, how little schooling focuses on students just being happy. Whether it’s happy that they passed a test or just happy that they are even at school. As this child stated, we go to school and are constantly being asked “What do you want to be when you’re older?”. At a young age many will say the usual examples doctor, vet, teacher, etc. As we continue with our schooling, we start to realize that what we thought we wanted to do or be is not what you thought it would be. And some decide that school is not for them and decide not to pursue college. Parents and adults need to realize that this is alright. In this Ted Talk, the speaker goes into explaining his, not so typical, school system he attends.
In his school system they still do math, science, writing, and all of the other subjects. The thing that makes them unique is how they go about learning these subjects. They seem to do a lot of hands on activities that do not make it seem like a classroom. And when it comes to writing, They do not have to use the prompt that is assigned to them, they get to be creative and use topics that they enjoy. This leads them to pursue a possible career doing what they love and not just doing it for the paycheck. So what can’t “regular” school systems use this approach as well? Why not get those creative juices flowing by letting them write about something they know a lot about and would actually want to write about? I’d say it’s because we need to stick to the system and not change how it’s been done since the beginning. Most people are hesitant of change and will try to avoid it at all costs. But the thing is; people are changing, our environments are changing, which means school systems are changing.
We all know that everything is constantly changing. I mean, new phones come out like every other month, so why are we slow to change schooling? Think about it, if surgeons were to do the same techniques from 50 years ago we would have more people dying on the table during surgery. Now I’m not saying people are going to die if we don’t get with the times, but surgeons and the likes have the right idea. They have to constantly update their styles to match what is going on now. Education is defiantly lacking when it comes to updating anything. Technology is used more often, but we still have to sit in a classroom, write about this and only this, and then repeat. Creativity is not a key factor and I think that needs to change sooner rather than later.
When I become a teacher, I want to stray from the “average”. I won’t be able to really stray from the norm because teachers have to stick to the standards and all that, but instead by making it more up to date. It’s going to be a long and hard process but hopefully I will innovate my class to were my students don’t feel as if they are robots going through the motions just trying to make it till graduation.

When I finished reading from  “Centering on Essential Lenses”, I can see how certain “lenses” can make students become better learners and enjoy school. Making, hacking, and playing were the 3 lenses that were talked about in the article. When making was discussed, it was essentially talking about making sense of what is being taught or new situations that take place. Hacking is usually given a bad reputation, but in a sense, it is just creating something that wasn’t there before. By hacking education, we can learn in different ways that fit to our learning style in particular. And finally, playing should be the one that most people and students are excited for. Altering ways of looking at things that you come across may help you understand it more clearly. These 3 techniques are interesting ways to go about learning and understanding certain lessons/ subjects and everyone should consider them.


2 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy and Bud Hunt’s Blog”

  1. Madison, you raise up some good points in this passage! I enjoyed how you talked about how Logan’s educational processed can help him in his carrer choices and overall make him a happier person as the transition to adulthood can be taken more at ease. This take on learning allows for kids to explore something new and I think that is important for a lot of adolescents in this current time period. In accordance to your reflection on Hunt’s blog post it is very fun to see other teachers have the same mindset as I do when it comes to how they want to teach! Being an average teacher is what is expected and moving past that line of expectation is what will really help our students become not only better learners but better citizens in the real world!


    1. Alexis,
      Thank you! This comment really made me feel good about myself! I think everyone should listen to what Logan had to say about just wanting to Ben happy. I don’t think we should strive for making the big bucks, instead be content with being happy and healthy.


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