Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)

Personally, I have never heard of Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). From the sound of it, it seemed like ways to learn knew information via a website. To find more information on PLNs, I used the article that was given to us, written by Howard Rheingold to get a better understand on the topic. 

From what I think I am understanding about PLNs, you can use them to widen you knowledge in an area or subject you are researching. Personal Learning Networks are written by people like you and me. It doesn’t have to be an article from a fancy lit professor at a high end university. Instead of reading something that feels way over your head, you can check basic apps and websites. For example, say I wanted to examine more about elementary literacy. When I use Twitter and/or WordPress, it is a form of a PLN. Using those two sources, I could gain more of an insight on elementary literacy. For Twitter, I could follow people to see their tweets or retweets to see how they feel about the subject. If I wanted to use WordPress as a form of PLN regarding elementary literacy, I could search the topic and read articles based on it and even follow people’s blogs if I wanted to see more on their thoughts of the subject or what they have to say in general.

PLN are a great way of promoting yourself and your work. When I follow people on a certain site it helps build on what they are passionate about. So if they see they got more followers because of a certain blog or tweet, they may continue talking about that issue or things that are similar to it because people took an interest in it at that time. And with more followers or people looking at their site, they could venture out into broader topics that they think their viewers would be interested in.

If I were to build my own PLN, I could follow the step Howard Rheingold has given in the article. He states examples and gives ways for creating your own personal learning network. I think with a little more research on them I would understand them a little better. But since I don’t plan on making my own for the time being, I could just research more and maybe look more at other people’s PLNs.