‘A’ Assignment- Children and Technology

I could only get 3 of the 5 websites to work for me sadly. But besides that issue I learned a lot about technology and the effects it has on our youth. The first article I read was titled: How Technology is Changing the Way Children Think and Focus. I’m glad this article actually opened for me because I was interested in reading how technology could affect students and possibly cause issues at school and in other areas.

The second paragraph is when I really started to take interest in what the article was talking about. At one point in the article the say, “Because the brains are still developing and malleable, frequent exposure by so- called digital natives to technology is actually wiring the brain in ways very different than in previous generations.”. After reading this I was somewhat shook. It didn’t state that the new brain wiring was bad or good, so I continued on with my reading. From what I read it wasn’t a bad thing that our brains our becoming “re-wired” It’s just how we are now a days. But how does it affect their attention?

Technology is training our brains to pay attention differently than reading a book would. They explained how facial recognition, memory, language, etc. all become affected, which in turn affects how we focus. We didn’t really need to hear about a study to know that reading is better for you than technology, but I bet if parents read this article, they might not have their children sit in front of the TV or IPad as much. But it’s not like technology is killing our brains or anything. The study actually found that video games improve visual capabilities and increase reaction time. I found that interesting, because you hear people say all the time how video games are helping with their reflexes, but I never thought it to be true.

The other article I read called: Is Technology Good for Little Kids? stated astonishing¬† fact that children spend at least 7 1/2 hours a day in front of some type of technology. This blew my mind! But I can see it being true. I feel like I am constantly checking my phone and I’m sure the time I spend actually on it can add up to roughly that number. It says in this article that they recommend children under the ages of 2 to not using any technology or have it in front of them. I didn’t know how I felt about this one. I have many cousins who now have children. And while they cook, clean, etc. they will put an IPad or even their phone in front of them to keep them entertained. I thought it was a great idea until I read through these articles. Now I’m back to being just as unsure as I was before.

The Impact of Technology on the Developing Child was the final article I could open. By this time I was starting to get an idea about how technology is really affecting children and young adults. This article states that the use of technology is not helping to challenge their creativity and imagination. This was one article I didn’t really agree with. Maybe just staring blankly at a TV is not good for you, but I don’t think that all technology has killed creativity. We just had the chance to design and create poster online and it was way easier than making one by hand would ever be. There are even video games that let you start from scratch and create an entire world. Now does that sound like the killing of youths’ imagination? I think they are just using different types of creativity.¬† And if you read the first article I listed, you can see all the ways technology is helping with motor skills and such.

Overall, I don’t think that technology is horrible on our youth, but I do think we should try and limit technology usage as much as possible. Reading is important and parents should try and make it more of a priority. I said how my cousins set an IPad in front of their kids to keep them entertained while they do adult things, I think that this is okay. I just wouldn’t want my not even one year old kid to already become addicted to it. These articles were very informational and I enjoyed this ‘A’ Assignment!