My Final Baking ILP!

I really thought about talking a pie for my final ILP, but still haven’t gathered the courage to give it another go. Also, I had to make a dessert for my brother to take for his after- prom this weekend. I couldn’t see kids eating pie at the after- prom so I went with a classic: cookies. I knew they would get demolished by the hungry growing teenagers in no time. I baked roughly 60+ cookies for that night and was surprised when I came how with enough to fit in a decent sized container. The picture below is not all the cookies I came home with. Once again, my family snagged some before I could get a decent picture. it’s my last ILP and it looks like I still haven’t learned anything about taking pictures right when I get the product I want.

I baked 5 different types of cookies for that night: chocolate chip, M&M, white chocolate, snicker doodle, and macadamia nut. I have never baked this many cookies before and I don’t have to worry about eating any leftovers because I am “cookied out”. The cookies I was unfamiliar with baking were the snicker doodle and macadamia nut. The snicker doodle was different than most recipes so I really had to focus. At one point you have to add two teaspoons of cream of tart, which I had never even hear of so I was nervous to¬† use it. I would say that that they turned out alright. They looked like most snicker doodle cookies I have seen so I was pretty pumped about that.

For the white chocolate chip cookies, I used the same recipe as the chocolate chip ones, but substituted the white chips in for the chocolate. In the macadamia nut cookies, there was actually a lot to this recipe I found. Maybe it was just that particular recipe, but since I had never made them before I just went with it. I add white chocolate chips to these cookies as well as the macadamia nuts.

Overall, baking all of these cookies from scratch was exhausting but I was so proud of myself with the outcome. I have been proud of myself through the entire journey of my ILP. I am so use to baking from boxes that it’s not even a challenge anymore. When I chose to do baking as my ILP, I told myself it would be all from scratch. Baking from scratch was a lot harder than going off of what boxed ingredients say, but it was well worth the attempts. And thanks for following along as I worked my way through different recipes!

cookies- prom