My Activity as a Learner and More to Come

Throughout this semester I was constantly getting introduced to new things and ways to work with technology in the classroom. I am not one to stray from what I normally use and have heard about, but as we went along with this course I really started to realize all that was available to me online and could even make life a little easier for me as I finish my education. Many of the techniques that were brought to my attention could actually interest students and help them to learn as well. Because the students we teach live in a digital age, it’s only right that we learn along with them and try to teach them to our fullest capabilities.

Something that made me really appreciate this class was our Independent Learning Projects. We all had to do research on our topic of choice and then continued on with that research each week. I chose to do baking because it was something I enjoyed doing, but instead of baking something from a box I chose to make each good by scratch. Doing this I spent a lot of time looking up different recipes and comparing them to others. And even when my ILP was complete I still had the chance to learn more when I went back through and read my classmates. I won’t say I’m the greatest baker, that’s for sure, but I now know how much patience and time goes into what I researched and baked.

We should always strive to be constant learners, even when we are out of college. As future educators, we should want this for our students as well. Our parents don’t send us to school just so they can get away for awhile, they want their children to learn to the best of their abilities and expect the teachers to do the same in order to teach the students. And I’m sure even out of school a day doesn’t go by where you didn’t learn something new, you probably did without even realizing it. I know some teachers that are teaching something new this year and have to do research on how to they will teach it and find different videos to entertain and draw in their students. Overall, I learned way more in this class than I ever expected to and am grateful for the opportunity to learn and also share my thoughts with everyone.

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